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The Best Undercoating / Rustproofing Installer in Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan is Undercoating Near Me LLC

They Are Exactly What You Were Searching For... 

Michiana's Expert in Undercoating and Rustproofing!

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Undercoating Near Me Installs Professional-Grade Rustproofing in Mishawaka, IN.

Are you looking for a transparent; drip-free and corrosion-resistant coating to be applied to your new or used vehicle? Undercoating Near Me LLC installs Corrosion-Free, Canada's #1 rust preventing solution. Corrosion-Free is an affordable eco-friendly coating with a LIFETIME warranty!


Undercoating Only Package

A clear and drip-free coating is applied to the entire under body including; frame, plastics, brake cables and more.


Complete Rustproofing

'Undercoating' Package + inside all panels, rockers, tailgate and more! This is the ultimate level of protection for new and used vehicles alike.

Danielle M, Google

Had a great experience with this company. They answered all my questions I emailed since I’m new to this service. Scheduling was super easy. Dropped off the car first thing and it was ready within 30 min. Pricing was extremely reasonable. Would definitely recommend.

David P, Google

Very happy with the undercoating service done! The website was super easy and George responded immediately to my questions. Zero waiting and George got me right in and out! I have another vehicle I want undercoated and I will definitely be back to get that done

Alan H, Google

I just bought my 2014 Tundra with minimal to no rust on it and wanted to get it undercoated. I saw they had great review so I decided to go there and so far I'm happy. They clearly described what they did and the turn around time was great.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rustproofing

What Type Of Rustproofing Do We Use? Undercoating Near Me Installs Corrosion-Free Rustproofing. It is an ECO-FRIENDLY; drip-free, oil-based coating.

Advantages of Oil-Based Rustproofing? Cost is the biggest. Oil can also "creep" and get in all the small areas.

What Does It Look Like? Once applied the rustproofing will look like a glazed donut (on metal parts). It is nearly transparent.

How Long Does Application Take? Less than an hour - most people hang out and have a cup of coffee while we install it.

How Long Does Undercoating Last? 18+ months. For Corrosion-Free's warranty you must return every 18 months. If warranty is not a concern you can get 2 - 3 winters per appplication.

About Undercoating Near Me

Undercoating Near Me was founded by 2 brothers to provide an affordable rustproofing solution to the entire Michiana area. A portion of EVERY sale is donated to local charities.



1714 E 12 St 

Mishawaka, IN 46544


Peak-Season (August 1 - October 31)

8 am - 2 pm Wednesday to Saturday

Off-Season (November 1 - July 31)

8 am - 2 pm Friday and Saturday

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